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Art by Place is the brainchild of two visual artists looking for stronger and more affordable exposure on the net. After having linked to several free directories for artists, we quickly realized that no viewer or serious art buyer would keep clicking past page 3 of any directory. Even if they did get past the dozen or so pages of listed artists, our artwork would still not be prominently displayed to catch anyone’s interest. The listings and directories that did offer a more marketable solution (as well as a better layout and design concept) were either asking for commissions or for hundreds of dollars that didn't seem worth the cost.

Our idea for the ArtbyPlace layout is based on the common knowledge that we are automatically drawn to what we recognize as pleasing and familiar and therefore our eye will automatically seek out the artwork that most match that criteria, effectively connecting artists and interested buyers.

The Art by Place project aims to build a tapestry of artwork that is country-specific. In addition to increasing visibility and exposure of the artist’s work, the growing layout will illustrate the vision of the countries’ art world. The first of its kind, the home page will symbolize the diversity and the association between countries.
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Benefits to Artists and Art Collectors Worldwide:


By adding your art to our tapestry of artwork on our homepage, you allow art buyers and visitors to find the art they love faster than any page-by-page, text-based directory. Free directories offer pages after pages of text-links that may or may not lead them to what they already know they want. In our visually-based homepage, they can easily scan and identify the art they love and get a direct link to your homepage. Let your artwork sell itself.

  Each artwork submitted can link back to a website, press release or artist bio. Multiple artworks submitted automatically increase your chances of traffic and visibility.

Each artwork submitted can promote an artist, an exhibition, an opening or a special show. Submit an artwork representing your website or upcoming exhibition and it will be included on our homepage and respective country page. The link can lead to your homepage, an online brochure, an invitation or any other marketing material you choose.


Our website pages are optimized to be picked up and ranked by the biggest search engines on the internet such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and more. Our online marketing campaign will consist of SEO, banners, link exchange and popularity growth which will increase traffic and in turn increase your traffic and visibility. The link on our site will improve your own popularity across the internet.

  Each country link displays a quilt of artwork specific to that country. Established, upcoming and yet undiscovered artists are submitting work to a list of artists estimated to grow to over 25,000 worldwide.
art by place online directory of recognized and upcoming artists
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